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The SD70ACe was the latest locomotive to roll out of EMD’s factories prior to the EPA’s Tier 4 emissions standards going into effect. It is a modern marvel sporting a whopping 4,300 horsepower. While not as popular with Class 1 railroads as the offerings from General Electric, EMD nevertheless produced and sold thousands of these locomotives which have now become a relatively common site on the rails today, with Union Pacific and BNSF possessing the largest share of them. This model is powered by 2 LEGO® Power Functions L motors, giving it greater torque and the ability to pull long, heavy trains with ease. Power is supplied from a standard LEGO® Power Functions battery box, but requires a third-party controller like PFx Brick or SBrick for control.

We believe the smaller of the two speakers fx brick sells will also fit (it fits in the 3D model). Although it was not tested, we believe the SBrick may also fit in place of the PFX Brick. Space is very limited so the standard Lego Infrared Receiver does not fit. A standard AAA battery box powers it all. The LiPo version will work also.

Decals to decorate 1 locomotive are included.


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