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F40PH Amtrak

A legendary model introduced in RailBricks #10 updated to the modern brick palette. This six wide build of Amtrak F40PH is in Amtrak’s Phase III paint scheme. The F40PH was the workhorse of Amtrak’s fleet from 1976 until the mid 1990’s. The instructions include a sticker sheet for a single locomotive, including a sticker to convert a 2x6x2 trans clear windshield into a more appropriate “black” with clear windows. The sticker sheet includes three different road numbers (additional sticker sheets available to build multiple units). Looks great with the classic Metroliner cars from sets 4547, 4558, 10001, and 10002.

This model includes instructions for dual train motor power or an unpowered unit that can be used to create the look of a double header.


PDF 1x1
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