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USRA 0-6-0

Administration (USRA). There were 255 locomotives according to the official design which were assigned to 22 different railroads. Plus, many more copies of this design were built as well. They came with a standard tender, but these were changed out according to each road’s needs. Here, you may choose between the standard USRA tender and a slop-back tender. While there are some minimal visual differences between the different roads that operated these locomotives, such as head lights and placement, tenders, cabs, etc. these do exist. This set of instructions is for its appearance with the Chicago Burlington & Quincy. Decal lettering for the New York Central, Baltimore & Ohio, and Grand Trunk is available on request. These may have visual differences from the CB&Q model indicated here.

In this model the following third-party parts are used:

  • 1x Brick Arms Mono-Pod

The following parts are optional, but you will need a solution for each:

  • Couplers
    • Lego part 2920 and 73092
    • LifeLites Rare earth magnet couplers
    • BMR knuckle couplers (in place of the Lego magnet couplers)
      • Locomotive
        • If using #8 Drive wheels: BMR 747z
        • If using #9 Drive wheels: BMR 743z
      • USRA Tender: BMR 743z
      • Slope-back Tender: BMR 747z
  • Driver Wheels
    • #9 Driver wheels
      • Lego parts 85489a and 85489b
      • Big Ben Bricks
      • Brick Train Depot 3D printed driver wheels
    • #8 Driver wheels
      • Brick Train Depot 3D printed drive wheels

All the 3mm hose and bars can be done using official Lego parts. You will need approximately the following hose for each:

  • Locomotive:
    • 115.2L / 921.6mm – Black
    • 24L / 192mm – Light Bluish Gray
  • USRA Tender: 66.8L / 534.4mm – Black
  • Slope-back Tender: 37.8L / 302.4mm – Black


PDF 1x1
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