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Pullman Standard 4750 3-bay Covered Hopper

As railroading entered the modern era, railroads pushed for a move toward increasingly larger freight cars, since larger cars meant fewer total cars needed, fewer cars switched, and less dead weight in trains. Pullman-Standard ‘PS’ began production of the 4750 covered hopper in 1972 and was the most prolific manufacturer within its peer group with more than 56,000 cars produced, not including thousands of copycats from other builders and railroads. The 4750 followed upon the successful ‘high hip’ design of one of Pullman’s earlier designs, the 4740 covered hopper. When Pullman ceased production of 4750s in 1981, the amassed fleet was the largest single body covered hopper fleet from any of builder. These cars were well built, and a substantial number of them are still in revenue service today, with many retaining their original “heritage” railroad paint schemes.

The truck design on this model uses our bearing wheelsets for added performance and realism.


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