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ICC Bay Window Caboose

The International Car Company started manufacturing steel bay window cabooses in the early 1950s. Instead of having the cupola at the top of the caboose, they moved the cupola to the sides of the body to allow better visibility of both the tracks and train. This type of caboose was common on most railroads, with each railroad having different details and preferences for each caboose. For example, Southern Pacific had round antennas and ‘bug-eye’ roof mounted marker lights installed in their cabooses. Some railroads had half-bay windows, like New York Central subsidiary Peoria and Eastern. The ICC mandated the removal of roofwalks in the late 1960’s, so some cabooses did not have roofwalks installed when they were in service.

We have modeled five versions of the ICC Bay Window caboose that include prototypical details any modeler would appreciate.


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