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Chicago Burlington & Quincy Mikado (2-8-2)

Regional winner of Best Steam Locomotive in the 2020 Brick Train Awards!

The 2-8-2 Mikado was the backbone motive power for American freight for years. At one point nearly one in every five locomotives on American rails was a Mikado or MacArthur (as some roads called their 2-8-2’s). At one point nearly one in every five locomotives on American rails sported this wheel arrangement.  Most were replaced with diesels during the Transition Era. They were well balanced, easy to operate, and well-liked by their crews.

The Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad liked them so much they made quite a few orders and had over 375 on their active roster. The class O-1A (modeled here) are the last batch purchased from Baldwin between 1915 and 1923. They were numbered 5060 – 5147 for those delivered by 1922. There were not enough numbers available in the 5100’s for the remaining batch of 60 delivered in 1923 so these were numbered 4940 – 4999.

Modeled here is engine number 4960 as it appeared during it’s time in excursion service 1958-1966. These instructions include an appendix to model the engine as it appeared in freight service. This model is designed for LEGO® Power Functions™ components and uses two L motors. Due to the wheel arrangement on this locomotive curved track larger than the standard curved track from LEGO® is recommended.

There are several third-party parts required to complete this model. They are listed here below.


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