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AAR 50′ Boxcar Post 1967

As the United States and Canada emerged from World War II, the demand by American railroads for larger boxcars began to increase. The American Association of Railroads responded by ramping up production of its standard 50 ton 50’-6” model originally designed in 1942. Thousands of cars based on this design were produced throughout the middle of the 20th Century. This particular boxcar design looks great in any era and features a flat exterior and plug door, making it perfect for custom decals featuring the name of your LEGO® train club or iconic American products! The truck design on this model uses our bearing wheelsets for added performance and realism.

The production cycle of this typical design was very long. Several changes were made to details like roof styles, ends, side sills, and doors varied over time and from railroad to railroad. Our model is of a car built or re-built after the 1966 AAR rule change that no longer required the roof walks. The standard design featured 16-panel (8/8, for eight panels on each side of the door opening) riveted sides with an eight-foot door opening for merchandise boxcars. The automobile car version of the car featured 5/8 riveted sides with a 15-foot door opening covered with a set of two doors. There was also an insulated version for temperature sensitive goods. These were not refridgerated but the insulation protected the goods from the extreme shifts in temperature. The insulated version commonly had a 10′ door opening and plug style door. We have modeled a 10′ plug door on this car. The other sizes would be simple to modify into this design.

This model uses our Freight bearing wheel sets for added realism and performance.

Decals for one car are included with your purchase.


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