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AAR 41′ Steel Sided Gondola

The first gondola cars featured on American railroads were designed to carry loads such as coal, gravel, sand, pipe, and anything else that would easily fall off the deck of a flatcar. They were initially built with wooden sides, but later models like this AAR 41’ steel sided gondola were eventually made completely out of steel. In the first half of the 20th century, gondolas like this remained popular among railroads despite the emergence of hopper cars, primarily due to their versatility and the fact that it was often cheaper to pay laborers to unload a gondola with shovels than to build a concrete unloading pit with conveyor for a hopper car.

We have taken care to model the brake detail under the car. We have also captured the uneven rib spacing to immerse you in your layout.

The build uses bearing wheelsets for enhanced performance and realism.

The included decal set is enough to decal 3 completed builds.


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