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Gunderson Maxi-Stack® I Intermodal Well Car

Intermodal container service is one of the most popular types of freight service on the rails today. The MAXI series of well cars is a mainstay of any U.S. domestic double-stack intermodal well car fleet. We have modeled the Gunderson MAXI-I. It is a 5-unit, 40′ well, articulated double-stack car that can handle containers from 20’ (16 studs) to 53’ (42 studs) long. A true beast of the rails. The model can take 90˚ of R40 but will need some straights in the middle to do a full 180˚ turn.

The truck design on this model uses our bearing wheelsets for added performance and realism.

This model uses the qty 2 of bearing wheelsets for the 3 unit (ACB) or qty 3 for the 5 unit (AEDCB).

The sheet included with the instructions will decorate 5 40′ wells.

We have a couple of free downloads for containers to fit these.


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