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The SD70M-2 is the SD70ACe’s DC-traction counterpart. It shares the same exterior and 4,300 horsepower prime mover as the SD70ACe, but employs DC traction motors instead of the typical AC traction motors found on most locomotives. The SD70M-2 was preferred over the SD70ACe by Canadian National who purchased the largest share of the locomotives from EMD, followed by Norfolk Southern.

We have taken a long time to ensure that we have modeled this in great detail both in looks and in power. With 2 L motors, this will pull long trains very comfortably. We also were able to get some resemblance of a cab interior and seats for 2 minifigs to add a fun element of play to your layout!

It is powered from a Standard LEGO® battery box but requires a PFx Brick or S-Brick for control.


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