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Have you ever thought about adding that classic Santa Fe War Bonnet scheme to your locomotive fleet but just didn’t quite know how to execute it? Well we at Brick Train Depot have solved that dilemma for you with this stunning Santa Fe GP60M in 1:48 Scale! This model is filled with exquisite details such as its Comfort Cab with angled front windshield, detailed truck sideframes, and radiators just to name a few. This model will look impressive anywhere, on your layout just on display!

An EMD GP60 is a 4-axle diesel-electric locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division between 1985 and 1994. Power was provided by a 16-cylinder 710G3A diesel engine, which could produce 3,800 horsepower (2,800 kW). This locomotive was 59 feet 9 inches long and featured a 3,700-US-gallon (14,000 L) fuel tank.

Santa Fe followed its 40 standard-cab GP60s with an order for 63 custom GP60Ms. The GP60M featured North American Safety cabs, and was the only 60 Series B-B locomotive with this feature. The nose has a headlight that is slightly offset to the right to accommodate the front door. The first new units delivered in the road’s revived “Super Fleet” Warbonnet Paint Scheme. Santa Fe GP60Ms 100–162 were delivered between May and September 1990. Santa Fe was the only railroad to order the GP60M, the now are all with BNSF Railway after the two railroads merged.

This model requires the use of our Power Functions® to 9V battery cable. A LEGO® battery box will not fit without extensive modifications. This build requires an Sbrick™ for control and will not fit a LEGO® infrared controller. These are available from SBrick.com


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