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Bearing Wheelsets

Want longer trains? These are the answer to your problems! Add these to your existing rolling stock to decrease friction and improve performance! Ideas for side details can be found on Flickr. You will receive the following with your purchase: 4 fully assembled sets of ball bearing equipped Lego train wheels. Each purchase comes with 4 new axles, 8 new wheels, 8 new washers, & 8 ball bearing equipped Technic bricks. No assembly required, wheels are glued on the ends of the axles. One purchase will be enough for one car.

We are excited to offer BrickTracks wheels. The LEGO® Group has stopped producing the wheels used to make these wheel sets. The BrickTracks wheels are an upgrade in every way from the LEGO® wheels.

In addition to Black, we now offer Red, and Dark Brown wheels.

We have created digital versions for LDraw and Studio building. Click here to download them.


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