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BrickTracks R104 Switch Kit

1 box includes the following:
1 left R104 switch
1 right R104 switch
2 throws
2 R104A curves for turnouts
2 R104B curves for sidings
2 R104 curves
2 1/2 straights

Length: 40 studs
Track Spacing: 16 studs center to center
Curve Radius: 104 studs
Fully anti-studded
Material: ABS
Injection Molded

R104 switches have similar geometric properties to our R68 & R40 switches. R104 is a large radius, allowing your biggest, longest trains to roll through with ease. Just like our 3D printed R68 switches, these R104 injection molded switches can operate with the throw on either side of the track. 100% compatible with official LEGO® track.

Original price was: $44.95.Current price is: $39.95.

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