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Flashing Rear End Device (FRED)

Flashing Rear-End Device (FRED) or End of Train Device (ETD) Is an electronic device mounted on the end of freight trains as a replacement of the much loved caboose.

The first of use of a FRED was on Florida East Coast Railway in 1969, not long after other Class I railroads started using FRED’s as well. By the mid-1980s they were common equipment.

The ETD transmits data via a telemetry link to the Head-of-Train Device (HTD) in the locomotive, known colloquially among railroaders as a “Wilma,” a play on the first name of the wife of cartoon character Fred Flintstone.

Includes pre-built FRED, pre wired blinking LED and battery pack.

Requires 2 CR2032 3V batteries.


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