You will find some free downloads and links to some great LEGO® Train modeling resources here.


Links to various LEGO® resources:

L-Gauge.orgL-Gauge is an information resource for the LEGO® model train community.

BrickLinkA great source to get parts for all your MOCs.

EuroBricks Train ForumA great place to chat trains with folks from around the world.

New ElementaryLEGO® Parts blog with tons of great ideas for creative parts usage.

RebrickableUser created MOCs and collection tracking. Even includes options to see what you can build with your collection.

Bearing Assembly LDraw & Studio Parts

These are some bearing assembly LDraw parts that can be used in your design process. We sell them here and can offer alternative configurations or colors if needed for your design. Just contact us to place your special order!

Shupp’s XXL Train Wheel LDraw

These were created by EuroBricks user, Unfinished_projects. We cannot guarantee they are 100% accurate but we feel they are close enough to use for your digital designs.

These wheels are available for purchase from our site here.